Monday, April 23, 2012

Time flies

It's been almost 5 months since my last post... Ridiculous. My pictures are years old too. Ugh. Clearly I'm no blogger. My wonderful in laws bought me an iPad for my early (huge) birthday that's around the corner. I thought that might get me moving again, but no:/ oh well. I've got a real life to be active in and honestly we just arent that interesting. Seeing as im sure im the only one who will read this, I'm sure I'm off the hook. The kids are almost out for summer and I have no idea how that's going to go!! I thought last summer was rough, but they are even older and get bored a whole lot faster. We joined a pool so hopefully that will keep us busy. It has finally set in that we are having another baby, and a day doesn't pass without me picturing myself holding a newborn again... I've missed that so much. I can't wait to smell "it's" head and hold "its" fingers. We find out in a few weeks what it is, if we decide to- still can't makeup our mind:) Cole and AR already talk to my tummy all the time. Cole told me to make sure I cut my steak in half the other night so he wouldn't choke- ha! He is busy with baseball and his daddy couldn't be prouder. AR is such a girl these days, always needing her lip gloss and nails painted. Maybe I can post again before the new baby actually gets here:)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What is it about " a family Christmas card" that makes children turn into monsters? We had a little photo shoot last month -which is a whole story in its own as to how I got it. (long story, silent auction, almost a mom on mom girl fight over the thing.) but.. i won!:) Anyway, AR cried throughout the whole shoot, and wouldn't wear her shoes. in downtown birmingham. in winter. miserable. But we managed to pick a couple, even though no children are smiling in the one I chose. Behind these few smiles, are people that wanted to bite other peoples heads off. No names.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy 4th B'day Cole!

I'm only a few months late, but Cole turned 4! All I could get out of him for what he wanted for his party was "swords and a bouncy." So, a "royal knight" theme it was. I (copy) watercolored the invitation and printed them. A very cheap but cute alternative to having them made!

Posted by PicasaA neighbor of mine had thrown out some boxes, so I snagged them and painted them like a castle. (they were pretty cute until the monsoon hit.)

At at exactly 3:50, 10 minutes til party time, the rain poured down, and as people started arriving they had to come into my -not prepared for an indoors party- house. Thankfully, the rain didn't last long!
We had the bouncy and had wonderful friends show up! It was so much fun!

 Cole got a big bike from G'daddy and LoLo! And of course AR couldn't be left out, so Aunt Anna brought her a little something...

It was a great birthday party. But beyond all that excitement and stress, no one could have prepared me for how much I love this little man. He has brought me so much joy and happiness! I'm so lucky I get to enjoy the rest of my life with him.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

"the six of us"

The six of us bff's have been getting pictures made like this since we were about 5. This picture was taken when Ashley got married this summer. It is so special that we STILL make it a priority to see each other! I love these girls!! There's nothing like old friends:)

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

War Eagle!!

Well it's official that all of the Holley's are Auburn fans. Cole, the rebel, has said Roll Tide for the past year and he was dead serious. I tried everything to win him over from the "dark side" but it took going into Jordan Hare stadium, and seeing it for himself to convince him. Not only did it work, but now every where we go he wears his AU hat and tells everyone that he went there:) Anna Reed on the other hand sings every word to the battle cry at the first sound of a drum. Yea! Suprisingly, even with no naps, everyone managed to have the best time (a little apprehensive taking in 2 toddlers!!) I can't wait to go back and do it again! I caught a few pics of the adventure.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our summer!

We had a great time at the beach! Although for mommy it's more work than play, I enjoyed watching how much fun they had! Hopefully next year it won't take us 3 days to get enough courage to get in and swim in the ocean.


 after about 800 pictures, this is the ONLY one I have with both of them in it! crazy.

Posted by PicasaWe also had a great time at the lake! The kids LOVE riding the boat and I can't keep them out of the water!  Cole especially loves "driving" the boat. (Poor Jared.)

                                           Going in with his pj's still on!

Loving his shark floatie

AR and AF

Dancin' with daddy

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OK, time flies when you're having fun... and raisin' kiddos. I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted.  I'll blame it on working really hard when I have a few spare minutes on my other blog - .. ya know, the one that is probably a little more interesting. Anyway, we have had a good summer this far and am never staying still for long. We wear out McWane, the Zoo, the parks and the library! We also have started using the pool at the gym (why did I wait til now?) With my sister getting married and having a husband living with her now, and my parents having moved out of my childhood home, and are building another house, we haven't been to Gadsden as much.
Anna Reed is trying to copy her brothers every move, which Cole is trying to annoy the stew out of her. He loves to boss her around, but he really love her too.   I love hearing them laugh together over eating eggos, and someone making a funny noise or something. Cole memorizes books and loves reading them to AR.  She of course prefers an adult around to read to her, but he will do sometimes. (helps me!) 
I am getting ready to plan Cole's 4 year old birthday party! I can't believe he is getting so big! AR is 19 months, and running around trying to keep up! Cole heads off to his first VBS next week, and I'm not sure who is more excited?! It will be nice to have some mother/daughter time, since pookie rarely gets that! Off to enjoy this rare moment of my house being quite, with children sleeping, and the rain pouring!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I love my children...

Of course, I love my children, isn't that my job? But lately, it's become so much more than that. I think for the first time, I am actually breathing them in. I'm taking the time to smell their hair and try to remember it, or looking at their feet so I won't think back and say I don't remember it ever being that small.  Not trying to do or be the best at everything else in my life. I have accepted my situations and surroundings (and am very thankful) and just enjoy being home. I have to admit, staying home was/is hard for me. No, I've never wanted to "work" a day in my life, but I like to stay busy doing things outside the home. I find myself reading more to them, instead of sweeping one last time. It's always bothered me that laundry needed to be done and I've always struggled with trying to make myself realize which is more important. It's like a weight of rediculous expectations I've put on myself has realized it's place. It might sound confusing, but hey I know what I mean, and well, it's my blog. I want to dedicate more sincere blog entries about my family so I can really remember these precious moments. I've always thought of a blog as a way to talk about yourself, and tell all the interesting things you do, and less about documenting and having a virtual scrapbook.

So, I will start by what C and AR are up to these days. Well, Cole has a couple imaginary friends, Bog and Beeb. Yes, creative names and no clue where it came from. But he talks to them and tells them they are not obeying him all day long.  Cole also got a trampoline, that he usually only gets on if PJ is watching, so I have threated to sell. (grandparents sigh in relief.) He only eats chicken and hot dogs and sour flinstone vitamins. He loves playing T-ball and I'm not kidding he is amazing at it. I know we will be living at the ballpark in a couple years. He is so smart. He can tell me what every number plus every number adds up to equal. He counts to 60. After 60, it turns into 60t-ball set, 61t-ball set, no clue where all that came from. And he is dead serious. He also loves to read, play train tracks, ride on his gator, puzzles, watch Olivia,  be with anyone kin to him, or be Melissa. He also has developed a few freckles across his nose:)

Anna Reed on the other hand, is growing up so fast. She is still NOT walking alone, but will with a tad of guidance. She likes to push her grocery cart, and her favorite thing to do is read! She is obsessed. She also loves Mickey Mouse aka "mi me mos." She can say anything you ask her to, and tries as hard as she can to tell you things, but only me and PJ can understand most of what she says.  She also loves fruit, which is a nice change for me since Cole would never touch it!

My sweet husband has been working about 70 hours a week. It's be really tough on everyone, especially him. I am so lucky to have such a great husband who works so hard for us and who brought me flowers yesterday, for no reason, may I add.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Edible Myarrangement

A few weeks back I hosted a lingerie shower for my sister, Anna, who is getting married next month.  I tried to plan for foods she really liked, which means her very favorite FRUIT! So, as I was cutting up all the fruit I thought I should have just got an edible arrangement and was curious to see how much they were. Redic!  $100 for about the size I needed. Already being in Gadsden, I scowered around my parents house and decided to try it myself! I found a shoebox, which happened to be pink and purple, the colors of the shower. Then, I put styrofoam cut to size inside. Now I know it sounds crazy, but I happened to have a pink plastic tablecloth in the jungle known as my car. (I honestly can't rem. why it was in there, or how long it had been! And to argue my case, my back hatch is huge!) Anyway, I cut and covered the styrofoam with the pink cloth.

Then, I started putting the cut fruit and layered them on my long wooden skewers.
It took a little while, but I think she liked the finished product.

                    Now, not to toot my own horn...  but toot toot.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cole told me "mom, it is 8, balls, zero, nine o'clock." I had to laugh, and take a pic to share.

Monday, April 4, 2011

So, there are these sheets called "untuckables" that a local girl makes. The bottom is sewn together, so that when you make the bed, the top sheet can't become untucked. They are awesome! Even when you don't make the bed it stays nice and neat. I choose the ones with dinosaurs, and can you tell his delight?! (The matching dino pj's were not planned.)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

busy kids...

We have really enjoyed this awesome weather! I find myself running around the house in just a tshirt, because I am already so hot! What is going to happen when it rises above 80 degrees?! I don't know if it's just age, or chasing children, or a combo of both, but it's HOT. So, PJ has buzzed Cole's hair, he now looks 10.

Anna Reed tries her hardest to keep up with what Cole's doing, and loves getting down and dirty which gives me at least 2 heart attacks a day. Cole is even more "clean" than her. He hates his hands getting dirty, but not this sweet pea!

We have also got..... a trampoline! These little monkeys need a way to let some energy out! With basically no backyard, PJ has figured out a way to "install" it into the cliff, that is our backyard. So, it will be like a walk-on. I will let ya know how that turns out. Anyway, Yes, we have the safety net and all, but this was taken right when it was put together and he couldn't wait! If you have little ones please come join us anytime!

Spring pics

We all got dressed to go out for lunch last Sat, and decided once we got in the car to make a stop by Bot Gardens and snap a few pics. Not exactly how we would have dressed, had we planned, but they were just fine. The flowers were beautiful, but the kids tummy's must have been yelling, bc they weren't in the best of moods. We still managed to snap a few cute ones. Oh, and there was a photog there waiting on a client, who had a live little bunny to use as a prop, I guess. Well, knowing good and well I had full intentions of somehow getting that bunny in my "it's almost Easter" pictures, I whisper in Cole's ear "Cole, let's go see that bunny!" Of course he is on board, and we walk over to it. I say "Don't worry, we are just looking, we won't touch!" The nice lady I'm sure knew what I wanted, and says, "here you can hold him!" I snapped away, and got a zillion of Cole holding him, but everytime AR would try the bunny would run away! It must have been bc she wanted to kiss him the whole time.

Monday, March 21, 2011

We spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Botanical Gardens this weekend. After 369 pictures, literally, a kind lady asked if we wanted her to take a picture of all us. We obliged. Apparently, I was the only one still happy to there:)

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leggo my eggo'

The kids are now to the age where I can walk out of the room, and they can peacefully play together, without me fearing he will put stickers all over her hair, or force feed, and I mean FORCE, her to take the bottle. AR of course tries to do whatever Cole does, and Cole LOVES bossing her around. (I can hear myself in him:) I know I complain a lot about how tough having 2 toddlers is, but I truly love it, and go to bed wishing I had more time with them every night! This is them having breakfast together in the playroom.

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