Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day

We had a great memorial day weekend on Lake Martin with our friends Jared and Melissa Wood and Ashley and Steven Jackson. I want a house there so bad. I don't think an hour and half commute is too much to ask of PJ. But anyway, we ate lots of food and had a fab time. Cole didn't go with us, he stayed at my parents. I called my mom on day 2 and she said "did you know Cole had 2 teeth!?" ummm.... "it's only been 2 days mom, and no." He grew teeth in 48 hours! Crazy, he hurts now when he bites my finger. I just loved his bare gums. He is still obsessed with the bathtub, and can now get in the big tub by himself and plays forever. He would stay in there all day if I let him. Here are 2 pictures we took last night.

Friday, May 23, 2008

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

go naked!

Cole refuses to have his diaper changed. It's to the point where today i just let him go naked for about 30 minutes. I use my entire weight to hold him down and he STILL manages to turn over. i've almost mastered putting a diaper on in this position.

sweet home alabama

I had a blast in NYC and think i could live there most times of the year, but i was so ready to be back home. i knew i was going to miss cole and pj, but i had no idea how bad it would be. i took the outfit cole wore the day before i left, so i could get it out and smell it if i needed to. yes, it's weird, but i did it. only 4 days of not seeing him and i promise i could tell he had grown. now, about new yorkers... the past times i've visited have been different than this time. previous times, i felt almost like the girls on SATC. all the glamour, yummy hidden bistros, so much fun. this time, was great too, but there were tourists EVERYWHERE. i've never been in a crown that big. i guess because most colleges are out for summer, or i don't know, but it was pure chaos. here is a picture of the streets.
by day 4, i was so sick of rude people that i wanted to punch everyone in the face. normally, when you bump into people (in crowds) you turn around and say "oh, i'm sorry!" well after 100 attempts, and never hearing anyone say or even look at me back, i quit saying it too. i guess they are that use to it! when we got on the shuttle at the airport that took us from the terminal to the airplane back to birmingham, us 4 girls were the last to get on. well, no seats were left open, and immediately 4 guys stood up to give us their seats. we all go "we're home!" it was awesome, and i love alabama.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lights out.

PJ has a jobsite in South Carolina so we made a little get away trip of it and got back about an hour ago. Around 30 minutes ago someone knocked on my door and informed me they were disconnecting my power because I haven't paid. Okay, let me explain. Being an "at-home" now, I have taken on the new role of paying the bills. Well, sometimes things get by me.. not often, but somehow I overlooked that darn bill SEVERAL months in a row. (I will blame it on E-bill.) Anyway, I ran to get my checkbook and paid him and he said that if I would not have been home, we would have had to pay a $300 reconnect fee. shewww, now i appreciate Cole crying in the car and rushing to get home!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

too cool for school

you have been around and seen the mom's that think their child is perfect. well, today i had a close encounter with one. Don't get me wrong, i love this person, but wow, they think their child who is 2 months older than Cole, is perfect. Not only did i stand outside with her waiting... .and waiting... on her and... lets call him BOB. well, we were going walking. so, as we are about to get started someone pulls in the driveway to talk to her, and i shockingly stand there and think, okay she is going to look at me, apoligize for the sudden company, and claim she can't chat because she has plans with me.... um, no. she stands there talks about BOB for about 30 minutes while i stand there and try to contain cole from going crazy from bordom. finally, the unknowing guest leaves and i sit there thinking okay she is going to come over here and say "sorry" but no, she comes over and starts telling me about how BOB won't eat as much anymore. needless to say, i'm getting ill. so, i voyage out on this walk and try to have a good attitude. well, not only do we talk about BOB the whole time, but she actually looks at them both in their strollers and says "wow, BOB is so much bigger than Cole." which means to a mom, new mom at that, your kid is slow, underdeveloped... and dumb. ugh, this is almost as bad as those mothers who think their child is too good for things like church nurseries.