Friday, June 20, 2008


today might just be the most "things gone wrong" day i've had in a while. i'll start with going to Babies R Us to get a few things. well, 10 minutes into shopping i realize, something stinks.... so, i have to go out to the car to search for a diaper, change him. well, we get back in and he refuses to get back in the buggie. well, normally i just let him cry for a sec, but it was approaching nap time, so i thought i'll just let him have his way and people are definetly staring. well, it's impossibly to hold a 20+ baby who is constantly trying to get down, push a buggy, and shop for a new "big boy" car seat. anyway, i gave up and decided to attemp going across the street the Hobby Lobby bc i needed a picture frame. well, it was going to be my little secret bc i am forbidden to be in Wildwood, ever. (but it's convenient sometimes!) so, i go, within 5 minutes cole is beyond controllable, so i decide to leave remembering why i NEVER leave the house without help. so i walk to the car, watching my back for muggers, making sure my purse is hidden, and trying to get in the car and lock the doors asap. well, i was using my mom's car seat, long story, but i couldn't get it to snap into the base, so for 20 minutes, in the 100 degree heat, i wrestled with that POS carseat and finally got cole in it, while thinking the whole time, this is how i am going to die. finally, i get in the car, my cell phone is covered in some sticky substance i'm still unsure of, and it doesn't work. so, even if i was murdered there would be no way to call anyone - and pj would have killed me for being there if the mugger didn't. finally, i start the car, reach over for my purse, it is completely dumped out in the floor board. i am hating life at this moment. i look in the rearview mirror, cole is asleep. ahhhh, peace - even though i'm beyond pissed. i get home to find this mess, which is now considered normal....

and swear i'm never leaving again.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Here are the teeth!