Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last week, American Idol voted off Michael. Pretty obvious considering a 1 year old called it by plugging his ears. This really happened.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quick update of our lives.

We had our open house last weekend. It went well, more people than I expected much to my suprise. Still no offers... getting annoyed. Cole is taking swim lessons, and he hates them, not to my suprise. I think it's the cold water(even though they claim it's heated), because he sure loves the hot tub. PJ is working late almost every night and certainly gone before we get up, it's getting sad. We're just thankful he is still working! Everyone I know is pregnant, except me. I love the stores Kohl's. It's super cheap, and they have really cute stuff. I saw Patsy Riley in Blue Willow today, she is so cute. Everytime I see her "don't take it out, talk it out" commercials I still cry. Weird. I went into MAC this morning for more eye shadow. I'm in the mood for something different. Well I stood there waiting to be helped, it was crowded, then thought why in the world would I be standing here waiting on these people to tell me what makeup colors I should buy? They apparently thought they were suppose to be making up clowns, no joke. Who hires these people and where do they come from? I left, empty handed.