Sunday, January 16, 2011

So, every one warns you when you have a boy, that it will be completely different than having girls. Well, I guess that is true, now having both and seeing the difference. When Cole was just 2 he was being put to sleep to have surgery on a hand that had been closed in a door. (One of the scaredest moments we've ever had with him!) He is still always getting hurt and just last week, was running through the kitchen while I was cooking supper, and ran into the side of the cabinet and basically knocked out a tooth. It stayed attached, just knocked backward. After panicking and calling every dentist I knew, PJ reset it back in place, then put him to bed and thankfully we awoke to it pretty firm in place. We had an appt. right away, and got it all under control. So, as he was playing in the tub tonight, I decided to snap a picture of his feet. Maybe this will capture just how rough my little boy is:) I'm sure there will be more trips to the Dr. for emergency accidents, but I pray it will never be anything more serious!

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birthday girl

My sweet girl turned 1, and since I'm back to blogging now, thought I would catch up with some birthday photos.

She loved the tickle monster book and hands that Aunt Melissa (Mo) gave her.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's official - I'm a thrifter.

As I am sitting in my den this am - alone, thanks to the children still sleeping- I realize something. Every. single. thing. from my den is from a thift store. Ok, maybe not a thrift store, but awfully close. Something I love so much, is stealing from people. I love to find something someone doesn't want and "fix it." So, I will spend pennies on something worth so much more. I absolutely love a good deal. Get this right.. not a sale.. a STEAL. It's like I almost want to look over my shoulder after the purchase and say "suckaaaa." Ok, kidding. But, I wanted to show you bloggers the deals I have found along the way, in the one year + I have lived in this house.

These chair are from Craigslist, I believe I paid $50/ea. for them. I planned to have them recovered, which I will eventually.
The ottoman, was $3 from a thift store. (Don't worry I steamed it well.)
The silk drapes are from At Home, which I bought from a friend that was moving. They sell for $380/pr but I paid $50/pr.
The buffet style table was $35, yardsale.
If only I could find a replacement window system...

This was someone's fireplace screen they had bought from At Home, that broke, so I took home and broke apart, and made 3 handy "memo/card" holders.

This lamp cost $2, thrift. I painted it and added a shade.

These are 5 silk panels that I actually got from a friend, which she bought at a yardsale or something, but couldn't use them. They were took cheap to not buy!

I have a large area between my couch and chair, so this large table works great here. I paid $50, I think it goes for $500 from Ballard Designs.

My favorite deal of all time, is my coffee table. I paid $40 from a thrift store. It opens up for storage and is awesome. The cream/iron bowl on top from an estate sale somewhere. The child was free. Well, kind of.

This light hangs over my breakfast table. When we moved here there was an 1880 pendant. I removed the previous shade/plastic thing, spray painted the chain from bronze to brown, and replaced the shade from 3 Sheets. $25 total project. They sell these exact ones there for around $300.

Isn't it fun... practice with me... "SUCKKKAAAA!!"

Yes, I have an adorable child. Yes, she is the happiest child in the world. But don't you dare put her down, or stick her in something that should aid her in being alone. Don't. You. Dare.

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A New Year...

It's a new year, and I have made lots of "new year plans." I don't like using "resolutions" because it just sounds like like it's a lie. So... here is my list.

1. I will be organized this year, if it kills me. I have actually held this up so far, and it's possible the people at Bed Bath and Beyond know me by name. Totes are your friend.

2. I will work smarter, not harder. - Be better at balancing work and family

4. I will blog, update things more, and be socially more acceptable.:)

5. I will finish projects, before starting a new one. My MAIN problem, in most areas of my life.

5. Most inportantly, I will spend time with God each day, but that should be a given.

SO.. in saying this, I am proud to announce I have redone/organized my playroom, laundry room, linen closet, all closets, master bedroom, kids rooms, I've got rid of most unused toys from the basement, and WORKING on my dining room. I use my dining room now as my, "crap, I'm not done with this project yet, and a kid has just pooped, and PJ is walking in the door asking what's for dinner, so I will just put it in here until I finish, room." I can't even say how much better I feel. I literally threw out everything I don't use on a normal basis (3 drawers for just camisoles is rediclous, when I prob wear 3) and had Hannah Home come get it! Whenever my heart strings tugged and reminded me I wore that cami one time at Auburn and I hate to part with it, I reminded myself, someone that needs it will get it, so just breath. AND after all the work, it's easy to keep it up! 

I can't wait to post before/after pics!! (but I haven't loaded them.. one thing at a time people, i'm just happy I've posted!!)