Friday, October 23, 2009


We are FINALLY pretty settled in the new house. This has been one of the hardest adjustment periods of my life. I guess it's the combo of being THIS pregnant (nesting), having a toddler that's into everything, and trying to get/stay organized, and well.. it's football season! Coles teachers have told me their concern for his recent "behavior" and blames it on the move. I just think... no, that's Cole. He is just WILD. Anyway, we have most of our belongings in the appropriate rooms(I won't say spots) and as of a few hours ago, we have the internet. We have workers here all day everyday, and it's pretty chaotic. Beyond all the complaining... we absolutely LOVE our new house. We are so thankful we've been blessed with it and are so excited our kids will get to grow up here. (I'm never moving again.) We still haven't came up with a name for this baby girl that should arrive in about 6 weeks or so. I'm getting stressed, but it will come. Right?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

soothie not so smoothie

update: ok, we are back on the paci, but ONLY at bedtime. He's adjusting to the new house, but really wanted it to sleep. I'll blog more about the new house later.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Here we are the week before we are moving, and Cole flushes his "blue choo-choo train" down the toilet. We didn't see this happen, he just told us, and know he wasn't kidding when it wouldn't flush again. We hope it will pass, however it doesn't and are not allowed to use it (terrible considering it was in the master, and I'm preggo and getting up every hour!) After many attempts to get it out, PJ decides to take the toilet off and try to put this "snake" (which is a long cord thing that gets stuff out)in it. Well the snake gets stuck and now the toilet is sitting on our back deck with both the train and snake stuck in it. We don't know at this point if the train is stuck in the pipe of the toilet, or in the actual pipe down to the sewer. So, our attempt to "yank" the cord out, hopefully grabbing the train, is to tie it to the golf cart, slam on the gas and hope it works. I think you know where this is going (no, I'm not sending it in to "you might be a redneck" bc I'm sure it would win, and that's just bad. ) PJ attaches the cart to the cord, which is attached to the toilet... and there ya go. Instead of "yanking" it out, the toilet flies across the yard, into rocks and busts into a million peices. We've never laughed so hard. Guess what.. we found the choo choo!

soothie smoothie.

We're officially off the paci aka "uh-oh." I would have never chosen to do it the week we are moving, and rock his world completely... but it just happened. He spent this past weekend at my parents so we could pack. My mom called and said he threw his paci in the pool and before I could get it it went in the skimmer, and I don't have another one. She said he napped fine without it.. that's all I needed to hear! I said DON'T go buy another one, we'll just try this out. (Ok, I have to admit, I was glad he would be away for the trial period.) Anyway, he did great! He still asks for it, but we say "the pool ate it" and he goes about his business. Perfect timing for baby sis to get here and then have another one obsessed with the paci. Bye bye "uh-oh."