Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am a bad mom... at least that's now what my neighbor thinks. Let me paint the picture. Anna Reed was napping, and Cole and I were outside. I put him in the swing in the front yard and turned on the sprinkler to water my dying flowers. I am pushing Cole in this huge swing, that after a few good pushes, gets going pretty good on its on. So, I ran inside real quick to vacuum the den rug. What, I'm multitasking? So, as I'm hurrying knowing that Cole is perfectly safe, someone knocks on my door -I go and it's a man that lives across the street-"Yes?" "umm... your child is sitting in the swing screaming and the sprinkler is stuck squirting him in the face." I had no words, I just ran out there begging him to believe that "I really was a good parent."

Sometimes I am a careless driver, which is terrible with such precious cargo. If this won't slow you down, nothing will. (You may have to copy and paste to your web browser.)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dumpster Diver... that's my new name. We went for our walk this morning and stumbled upon this in someones trash pile!!! Guess who is one happy little boy...

I'm all about bargains right now... who isn't though, right? Well, guess how much I paid for these ADORABLE bathing suits for AR?

$1!! you got that right, one buck. I got the suits at Dollar tree (which I've just discovered for some reason, and it's awesome...) and already had the "A" iron ons. I am very proud!


This is THE BEST, EASIEST, dip in the world. I just combined my favorite things!
2 avacado, diced
can of tomatoes, diced, drained
lemon juice
garlic, minced
and about 2T of olive oil

mix them all together and viola! YUM.

I have a serious addiction to feta, in case you can't tell by the economy sized tub.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

catch up time

This might be a long post, don't say I didn't warn you. We have had a busy summer this far. I am staying home with the kids, and we are always up to something, even if it's all laying in my bed watching Calliou. (Cole's fav) Anna Reed is getting so big, she is 7 months and worships her big brother. She is obsessed with Sophie the giraffe and still hair fabulous.

Cole is almost 3, and completely potty trained! We didn't have to work at that AT ALL, thank goodness, he just got up and decided one day he was ready. No going back!! I bet I've already saved a ton in diapers! Anna Reed still doesn't sleep that well, she is an early riser!! (actually anything before 9 is too early, but I've learned to be thankful for even 6am) We have spent lots of weekends with the grandparents, been to the lake a few times, and heading to the beach in a couple weeks..praying for no oil! Cole LOVES to swim! Which is great, considering we started off the summer in lessons that I had to cancel because it was so pointless due to the screaming.

Cole amazes me every day with the things he says. It's like he woke up a little boy, no longer a baby. We went to the zoo last week, and as we were leaving he said "thank you mommy, for taking me to the zoo. I love you so much." After I passed out, I wanted to just cry because I realize he is no longer a baby. He also at times has a much sharper tongue. His latest comments are "don't tell me what to do" and "mommy, I don't have to obey anymore!" But he equally loves his sister as much as she loves him. He tells her "good morning sweet girl", at all hours of the day.
Life is finally getting a little easier, with the kids getting a little older. Cole can do so much by himself now, and I am less tired bc Anna Reed is sleeping...some. I can't even IMAGINE throwing another child in the mix right now! (and don't worry, I'm not!)
We are still crossing things off our house to do list slowly but surely. We've done a ton in the past 9 months we've lived here, and have so much more to do! But we do have a backyard now!
On a sadder note, our beloved dog of 15 years, died while we were at my parents for the 4th of july. This picture was taken hours before he got sick and passed. (He was old, and had a troubled heart.)
RIP Chip Dobson

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