Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas pics

The story of Anna Reed.

First off, I will say she is named after my sister "Anna" and my Great Grandmother "Reed." After the post complaining about how she hadn't came yet, we were getting ready to watch the SEC Championship game. We had a good morning, all of us here, just relaxing and went to Milo's for lunch. I knew it was going to happen that day... details not necessary.. I just KNEW. So I told PJ we can just take it easy all day, bc we will be at the hospital by the time the game is over. Sure enough, by the time the game started I was having contractions. It is the weirdest thing, it's like I really can't ever tell when I'm in labor. It doesn't hurt, or really even "contract" that hard, it's almost like an unsettled stomach ache, that starts consistently. So, PJ packs his bag, and we decided to wait as long as possible before heading to the hospital. Well, the DR told me to wait a few hours, and I certainly wanted to wait as long as I could but, given my last birth record, I knew no time should be spared. I didn't listen to him, and went on to the hospital. We got in our room, and I was READY. I dialated super fast, and we waited around (all while cheering on Florida.) By the 4th quarter I was fully dialated and ready to go. The nurse said I'll go get the Dr, and I said "but, don't we have to push for a while first!?" She said "no, she is ready now!" So, I pushed twice, and there she was! We were all shocked at how much hair she had. (unlike anyone in from our families!) I was now a mother of 2, and we were a family of 4.

Welcome to the world AR!




Monday, December 28, 2009

Ok, so it's been a while... again. A couple hours after the last post, I went into labor and sweet Anna Reed is here!! It's so nice to have a girl I can be "girly" with. She has had an upset stomach most of her existance so that is sad, but hopefully it will get better soon. Cole loves AR, and is obsessed with all her hair. He wants to kiss it and rub it all the time. Which is fine, except there are always crumbs and stickyness in her hair. I feel like I'm starting over being a mom, I've forgotten the simple things!! When to burp...etc. I'm reading "Babywise" all over again. We had a great Christmas!! Cole loves Santa Clause and all he asked for were legos and an aubie toy. First of all, you wouldn't believe how IMPOSSIBLE it is to find an aubie stuffed animal. But, we managed and the kids now have more toys in the playroom than floor to walk on, but that's another story. (I need a playroom makeover, any storage ideas?!) We've been with family for the past week, and I sure love all the helping hands!! I've even slept a few consecutive hours, I'm spoiled now. I hope all 3 of my blog followers are happy that I have now updated. Pics to come soon!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

What we've been up to.

Here I am.... still waiting on baby to get here. I keep having signs that she is getting close, then I wake up the next morning, still pregnant. I feel like it's been forever since I've blogged about anything, much less even read other people's blogs. I can't seem to get everything together enough to where I have time to blog like I used to. Since we've moved I've felt very unoraganized and without a constant routine, which I desperately need!! When I finally do get it together -maybe in the weeks after Anna Reed is born- I will come back with avengence. I do have lots going on and fun things I've been up to that I need to share. One for example is SEWING. I have no time for this, however, I sneak in 10 minutes here and there when I can. It started when I was couldn't find curtains for the kids room (that sounds weird to say) so I thought how hard could they be to make? So I headed to Joann's fabric (my now fav. place!) and bought what I needed and here is how it turned out.

I'm pretty proud of them, being the ammature sewer that I am. I also made one of those nursing wraps, very easy! Next, those cute little girls pants with the ruffled bottoms!
And here is a pic of AR's room.

And here is a picture of the matching Christmas outfits I plan to put the kids in as soon as she gets here!