Tuesday, January 20, 2009

See ya' Georgie

Did anyone watch the inauguration today? I watched it ALL day. I think I my eyes watered like 10 times. I'm not crying for the same reasons the people there were crying, I was just feeling so proud of our country. I felt privaleged in a way I never have before. We get to live in THIS country. I love that America is a place where you really can be anything you want to be. I was happy for the African Americans that had so much hope for their childrens' future. I was so sad to see George go and to watch the peaceful transfer of power. Or maybe I'm just emotional.

I had the most relaxing weekend in Gadsden. I love going there because I get to be "off mommy duty" and my family takes care of everything(including steak and lobster dinner on sat night:) PJ went hunting in MS, so we went there. It's so funny how you can live somewhere your whole life, then move away for a little bit, return and it be so different. It's amazing how you change so quickly, according to your circumstances. I'm spoiled by the Summit, Target, Leaf and Petal, any restaurant you could possibly want- although i still gripe there aren't enough options- and the car wash headquarters place down the road that washes and vacuums your car out for $5. I still love Gadsden too, just not for full time residency. I laughed over many things I heard this weekend.

Sister: "I think I'm actually starting to gain weight. I gained 3 pounds over the holidays. I always weighed 107, and now it's 110."

Mom: "I can't find anything in this pantry, it's just too big."

Those are some serious problems. Anyway, I had a great time and now it's back to reality.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


i think i've broken my back. I need meds... wait, i can't take meds cause I have a child (around here somewhere.) i've been packing up our "junk" so i can "stage" our house for showing- thanks HGTV. this is hard work and I'm not patient enough to wait on PJ to get home, so I'll do it all myself. if i were a regular poster i would say come look for me if i don't post soon, but since i'm not, good luck to me i guess.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

House For Sale

It's a really sad thing to say out loud... seriously, we will both cry when we move. It's sad to think this is where we were first in love, got married, got a dog, had a child and have now outgrown. So, on a happy note if you know anyone needing a cute house in the heights let me know!

Friday, January 9, 2009

My new ways

My wreckless spending was so 2008 and I've started making myself aware of things I can cut costs on. Since I had Cole, my skin has not been the same. It's seems rougher and blotchy. Well, the other day I went and got my face lotion and cleanser at the Clinique counter. I got 2 things and the lady was like "that will be $91.50" Yes, I've been buying the same thing for years, but it just accured to me I was spending a hundred freakin bucks for lotion?! Well, I went home and I kept saying to myself, I can't skimp when it comes to my face and possibly reducing wrinkles in the future - I am obsessed with wrinkles. Then it occured to me, that's bull crap, ladies you see on TV that are old and look good always give the credit to Oil of Olay. So, there I went, off to walmart and got the "night of olay" cream. IT'S A MIRACLE. My face is it's old self, not perfect, but pretty dang close. I'm free! And I only spend 6 bucks. yea me.

Monday, January 5, 2009


I AM SHOCKED... Deana is back on the bachelor! What the heck?!!!!!