Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Edible Myarrangement

A few weeks back I hosted a lingerie shower for my sister, Anna, who is getting married next month.  I tried to plan for foods she really liked, which means her very favorite FRUIT! So, as I was cutting up all the fruit I thought I should have just got an edible arrangement and was curious to see how much they were. Redic!  $100 for about the size I needed. Already being in Gadsden, I scowered around my parents house and decided to try it myself! I found a shoebox, which happened to be pink and purple, the colors of the shower. Then, I put styrofoam cut to size inside. Now I know it sounds crazy, but I happened to have a pink plastic tablecloth in the jungle known as my car. (I honestly can't rem. why it was in there, or how long it had been! And to argue my case, my back hatch is huge!) Anyway, I cut and covered the styrofoam with the pink cloth.

Then, I started putting the cut fruit and layered them on my long wooden skewers.
It took a little while, but I think she liked the finished product.

                    Now, not to toot my own horn...  but toot toot.