Saturday, April 16, 2011

I love my children...

Of course, I love my children, isn't that my job? But lately, it's become so much more than that. I think for the first time, I am actually breathing them in. I'm taking the time to smell their hair and try to remember it, or looking at their feet so I won't think back and say I don't remember it ever being that small.  Not trying to do or be the best at everything else in my life. I have accepted my situations and surroundings (and am very thankful) and just enjoy being home. I have to admit, staying home was/is hard for me. No, I've never wanted to "work" a day in my life, but I like to stay busy doing things outside the home. I find myself reading more to them, instead of sweeping one last time. It's always bothered me that laundry needed to be done and I've always struggled with trying to make myself realize which is more important. It's like a weight of rediculous expectations I've put on myself has realized it's place. It might sound confusing, but hey I know what I mean, and well, it's my blog. I want to dedicate more sincere blog entries about my family so I can really remember these precious moments. I've always thought of a blog as a way to talk about yourself, and tell all the interesting things you do, and less about documenting and having a virtual scrapbook.

So, I will start by what C and AR are up to these days. Well, Cole has a couple imaginary friends, Bog and Beeb. Yes, creative names and no clue where it came from. But he talks to them and tells them they are not obeying him all day long.  Cole also got a trampoline, that he usually only gets on if PJ is watching, so I have threated to sell. (grandparents sigh in relief.) He only eats chicken and hot dogs and sour flinstone vitamins. He loves playing T-ball and I'm not kidding he is amazing at it. I know we will be living at the ballpark in a couple years. He is so smart. He can tell me what every number plus every number adds up to equal. He counts to 60. After 60, it turns into 60t-ball set, 61t-ball set, no clue where all that came from. And he is dead serious. He also loves to read, play train tracks, ride on his gator, puzzles, watch Olivia,  be with anyone kin to him, or be Melissa. He also has developed a few freckles across his nose:)

Anna Reed on the other hand, is growing up so fast. She is still NOT walking alone, but will with a tad of guidance. She likes to push her grocery cart, and her favorite thing to do is read! She is obsessed. She also loves Mickey Mouse aka "mi me mos." She can say anything you ask her to, and tries as hard as she can to tell you things, but only me and PJ can understand most of what she says.  She also loves fruit, which is a nice change for me since Cole would never touch it!

My sweet husband has been working about 70 hours a week. It's be really tough on everyone, especially him. I am so lucky to have such a great husband who works so hard for us and who brought me flowers yesterday, for no reason, may I add.


Shelley said...

If you are interested in selling your trampoline, let me know. My mom is looking to buy one for her lake house. Shelley Kelley