Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring pics

We all got dressed to go out for lunch last Sat, and decided once we got in the car to make a stop by Bot Gardens and snap a few pics. Not exactly how we would have dressed, had we planned, but they were just fine. The flowers were beautiful, but the kids tummy's must have been yelling, bc they weren't in the best of moods. We still managed to snap a few cute ones. Oh, and there was a photog there waiting on a client, who had a live little bunny to use as a prop, I guess. Well, knowing good and well I had full intentions of somehow getting that bunny in my "it's almost Easter" pictures, I whisper in Cole's ear "Cole, let's go see that bunny!" Of course he is on board, and we walk over to it. I say "Don't worry, we are just looking, we won't touch!" The nice lady I'm sure knew what I wanted, and says, "here you can hold him!" I snapped away, and got a zillion of Cole holding him, but everytime AR would try the bunny would run away! It must have been bc she wanted to kiss him the whole time.