Wednesday, March 23, 2011

busy kids...

We have really enjoyed this awesome weather! I find myself running around the house in just a tshirt, because I am already so hot! What is going to happen when it rises above 80 degrees?! I don't know if it's just age, or chasing children, or a combo of both, but it's HOT. So, PJ has buzzed Cole's hair, he now looks 10.

Anna Reed tries her hardest to keep up with what Cole's doing, and loves getting down and dirty which gives me at least 2 heart attacks a day. Cole is even more "clean" than her. He hates his hands getting dirty, but not this sweet pea!

We have also got..... a trampoline! These little monkeys need a way to let some energy out! With basically no backyard, PJ has figured out a way to "install" it into the cliff, that is our backyard. So, it will be like a walk-on. I will let ya know how that turns out. Anyway, Yes, we have the safety net and all, but this was taken right when it was put together and he couldn't wait! If you have little ones please come join us anytime!