Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have been away from the "blog" for almost a month. I've missed you all dearly. We have had an interesting last month. Cole is now at school two days a week, and honestly I wish it was three. He loves it, and I can tell it has affected his behavior at home. He is more patient and somehow sweeter. Maybe because I can't spoil him rotten as much. I try to get so much done when he is gone, but those 4 hours are so precious I don't really know how to spend them, because I don't want to waste a second. Yes, I love being with Cole, but those 4 hours are priceless. He gets a "report card" and they claim he is "VERY ACTIVE." Trust me, I know. It's her way of telling me, he is wild and loud and fast.
I am in the middle of doing (calligraphy) 2 weddings that are taking most of my free time. I am going on a cruise with my sister in 4 weeks, so I am in a mad rush to finish so I won't think about that the whole trip.
Last week, we had a family beach trip. WE HADN'T BEEN ALL SUMMER! If you know me, I live for the beach, and this is the longest I had been without going. Well, it just happened to be the week IKE was coming, but we were determined to make the best of it. It was cloudy most of the time, but at least it wasn't raining. Cole didn't like the sand, water, or anything that gets his hands dirty. He is'nt like this daddy - yet. PJ fished most of the time with his brother and dad, while I shopped the entire time. If I couldn't lay out, I was going to shop and at least eat good. I made PJ take me out for every meal. His family must think I am rotten - but it was my vacation too. What is better than eating out at the beach?! Here are some beach pictures, these were taken up the road from our house. Keep in mind this is ocean, not rain.

Cole has also resorted to walking on all fours. He is so close to just standing up and walking, but he continues to choose this way. We call him little crab.

Wish I was still there:)